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Frequently Asked Questions

Housing costs vary according to the university in which the student will register and according to the region, but on average, the student needs between $300 – $400 to cover all expenses from house rent, bills, and personal expenses.

Free Admission provides you with all logistical services needed. Such as reception from the airport, attestation, and translation of identification documents, preparation of the temporary residence file. And also we provide assistance in securing suitable housing for the student without paying any costs to the company (You may need to pay the costs required by the competent authorities).

The equivalence of the certificate is to amend the high school diploma and register it in the Turkish Education Directorate so that the student can complete the registration procedures at the university.
Free Admission has a specialized team to assist the student in the equivalency procedures and also without any profit costs (Only the official costs of translation, certification, and amendment costs).

When a student applies to study at the university in English language, he does not need to learn the Turkish language for his dealings inside the university, but to join the community, the student must learn the first level of the Turkish language in order to be able to deal with the people on the street
Free Admission will offer the first level of the Turkish language free of charge to all students.

To obtain a visa, the student must first obtain the initial acceptance from the university and then pay the first installment of the annual installment to obtain the final acceptance, and in turn, the university will send an invitation on behalf of the student to the Turkish embassy in the city in which the student resides.

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Popular Majors

The most enrolled Majors in Turkey’s Private Universities


Turkey has many good universities for medical students to choose from.


Advanced equipment and modern study methods.


The study of pharmacy in Turkey is attracting a large number of worldwide foreign students.

Civil Engineering

The quality of education is of a high order, and the faculty is outstanding.


Study Architecture in Turkey is one of the best options for a rewarding career.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields in today’s information-technology field.

Computer Engineering

The demand for computer engineers is rising sharply. This is attributed to the ever-growing need for these professionals.

Biomedical Engineering

Help doctors & hospitals, study with Cutting-Edge Technology and get paid in a high salary.

Artificial Intelligence

There are many great options in Turkey available for you to choose from.


International Environment

An increasing number of students choose Altinbas for their graduation, as it is well equipped with all the necessary facilities, and it offers a wide variety of courses that are suitable for all kinds of people.


Top Bachelor's Programs

Istanbul Okan university offers different types of programs to suit all kinds of interests. It has excellent teaching facilities and excellent student support services.


World Class University

Strategically located in Istanbul, Turkey, providing its students with easy access. Medipol Istanbul is one of the leading university institutions in Medicine and Business in Turkey.


Global Great Reputation

High quality of education with numerous benefits. Istanbul Gelişim University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including Medicine and Engineering.

You can also see all of our Partner Universities, with their available Majors, Enroll Prices, Study Plans, and what to expect.


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