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Turkey is considered to be a tourist destination for people of all kinds. This is due to its strategic location between the European and Middle Eastern worlds. In addition to that, it possesses a mesmerizing and picturesque nature and a rich history.

Introduction to Free Admission:

It is one of the most important beacons of knowledge in the area and includes a large number of universities. Turkish universities, whether governmental or private, have become the target of a big number of students from all over the globe. Studying abroad has become very important in our day and age as it allows the student to get acquainted with new languages ​​and cultures. This has an impact on developing the personality and widening the perspective of the student. Given Turkey’s popularity among a huge number of students from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, entering into the globalized labor market will become significantly easier after graduation.

The support of the Turkish government for education and the academic facilities is noteworthy as it provides scholarships for outstanding students wishing to study in Turkey (no matter the nationality) and it also provides job opportunities after graduation.

About Us

Free Admission is a national company with global visions and standards. It was established on the basis of understanding the needs of the market in the all fields related to academics. We specialize in academic consultations in the Republic of Turkey and from this standpoint we pay attention to the tiniest of details in all kinds of consultations by working on giving the prospective student all our attention in terms of quality and standards. We present a variety of universities and programs in a thorough manner that simulates reality. Our objective at Free Admission is to assess the students’ goals and help them achieve a future full of success. Our company is a pioneer in providing the best academic advice to current and prospective students in the Republic of Turkey and we work with a strategy based on providing exceptional and upscale services.