“Architecture” or “architecture” or in English “Architecture” is not known only as a science, but rather as a passion, creativity, talent, and work, in addition to being an art; It is the art of design. Architecture is a branch of the Department of Art and Design, and it is also a branch or type of engineering. Where each type of engineering is concerned with a specific aspect, and architecture engineering is concerned with aspects of construction, design and construction.

Architecture includes the following

Personal characteristics of pioneers in the field of architecture:

  • Analytical skills
  • communication skills
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • Technical skills

What are the educational fields covered by the Architectural Engineering major?

We mentioned earlier that the architecture major is a branch of art and design, in addition to being a branch of engineering. This engineering includes some specializations that can be considered branches of it, namely:

  1. architecture; It is concerned with the building as a whole.
  2. civil engineering; It is concerned with civil buildings.
  3. Interior Design; He is the one who specializes in the interior of buildings in terms of decorations.
  4. City planning; It is concerned with planning streets and roads.
  5. urban design; He is the one who specializes in street design.
  6. Islamic architecture.

Major Tuition Fees

Architectural engineering subjects

Let's take a general idea of the subjects taught by architecture students:

Fields of work in the field of architecture

Among the tasks that are limited to architects are: