Human medicine is one of the highest and noblest professions in which man has excelled and contributed to its development throughout the ages, due to the importance of his presence in any society, so we all know that health is a crown on the heads of healthy people
Human medicine is a specialty that cares about treating people If he is exposed to any malaise in the external body or the internal organs, and work on prevention and reducing pain .. The

The human medicine specialty receives great demand from students of various nationalities. It is the wish of many young people and the dream of parents since the childhood of their children

The Concept of Major

Medicine is the science or field that In it, the doctor pays attention to a person’s physical and psychological health, and is considered one of the ancient and pioneering professions in the modern era.
Every field has a beginning, and man began to treat diseases with herbs and medicinal oils, and this is what is called (alternative medicine)

And for every field there is a renaissance. Man has been constantly developing himself, and this has been applied to all fields that are considered an important standard of life for him.

Why This Major?

In the name of Allah the Merciful. I swear by Almighty God to watch God in my profession. And to preserve human life in all its stages, in all circumstances and conditions, by doing my best to save it from death, disease, pain and anxiety, and to preserve people’s dignity, cover their faults, and keep their secrets. And to always be one of the means of God Almighty’s mercy.

To be a means of God’s mercy in treating people is one of the highest goals that requires effort, determination and perseverance from you.

Fields Connected To This Major

The doctor’s work is not limited to working in hospitals.
The doctor can work in the field of medical research, experiments and scientific research to discover solutions to many diseases

. It is also possible for him to work in several specialized agencies in his field, such as teaching medicine in universities and working in hospitals

Major Tuition Fees

Why Choose this Major?

This specialization in Turkish universities is considered the most popular due to several things, most important of which are:

comparisons in Turkish public universities depend on taking the students with the highest average, as a very large number of students of different nationalities and different rates apply, and the process of comparison between them begins here. A certain number of seats are determined for each major, and these seats are won with the highest rate, in addition to their basic condition, which is the student’s submission to tests The Turkish YÖS or the international SAT test, and this is what makes it more difficult for public universities.

The academic program differs between universities according to the arrangement of the academic curriculum and study plan.

  • Introduction to the science of medicine
  • Cell
  • biological organization
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Clinical skill and scientific research projects

The medical sector in Turkey continued its development and progress until treatment in the country became a source of healing for all people around the world, and over the years the country’s medical condition improved from the old situation and this helped Turkey advance in treatment as a recognized country in terms of technological progress in treatment.

An important note is that the matter differs greatly between private universities and public universities.” Private universities have fewer requirements than private universities

  • The presence of a general secondary school certificate with an average of 80% or more
  • A copy of the student’s or Kamlik’s passport (for residents of Turkey)

But if we want to talk about the conditions of public universities, the matter here is trade-offs

Private University

What are the most important private Turkish universities
that teach human medicine in English:

in Turkish universities: It is six academic years
The first and second year: It is concerned with studying important scientific subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry …
The third year: It begins by giving the student the beginnings of anatomy and microbiology
The fourth and fifth year: We begin the practical and clinical aspect, as for the sixth and final year: it depends on purely practical training, and the student may be given a small salary during it.

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What are the departments of human medicine?