Nursing is a scientific medical specialty and an ethical profession in the first place. The role of the nurse lies in providing health care to patients, and this profession requires flexibility in work. Not devoid of the human side that requires submission Psychological support also for patients, and the nurse is primarily responsible for monitoring the patient’s condition and its developments, taking into account the change in the patient’s health status during the provision of service

in addition to the fact that this field is developing very quickly, and therefore the nurse who is looking for success must show noble morals and strive to learn about technological developments in This field

History and began

Nursing existed with the existence of man, as it is an instinctive thing that was created with man. The mother naturally takes care of the health of her child when he gets sick, and the children take care of the fathers when they grow up. Helping a woman to another woman while she gives birth is also considered nursing. It is taught in schools and institutes and has been developing until it has become an official specialty in all universities in the world

What are the job opportunities for nursing graduates ?

Major Tuition Fees

Study Duration

Duration of studying nursing in Turkish universities is 4 years

As for the academic program and the subjects taught in this major:

  • Biology
  • clinical applications,
  • basic concepts of nursing
  • psychology and communication skills,
  • biological basis Behavior
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Professional Communication Issues and Common Health Problems
  • Disease Classification and Diagnosis
  • Metabolism
  • Treatment Methods and Patient Acceptance
  • Preparation of Patient Units and Infection Control
  • Genetics and Microorganism Classification
  • Skills and Fundamentals of Nursing Process
  • Nursing Ethics
  • Health Care
  • Genetic Study
  • Health Reproductive
  • problems facing patients and their families
  • Biostatistics.
  • Nursing skillsHealth
  • Entrepreneurship and project culture
  • treatment and rehabilitation
  • prevention
  • Problems affecting the individual and the family
  • Nursing staff management
  • Legal and ethical issues in the field of management
  • Practicing vocational training through a specialized training program that enhances the knowledge and skills of nursing care that the student deals with during the four years And clinical practice skills

Private Turkish universities

The most important private Turkish universities that teach nursing specialization

What is required to enroll in the specialty of Nursing in Turkish private universities:

Note: this major is available in both English and Turkish

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