No one disagrees that medical specialties are the dream and aspiration of most young people, but the difference lies in choosing the medical field. Some students prefer to stay away from medical and surgical fields such as human medicine or dentistry….
From another perspective, some students see that the journey of human medicine is very long and costly…
That’s why we choose pharmacy as it is a very important science that cannot be dispensed with in any society

What is pharmacology?

Pharmacy is a medical science that deals with drugs and the composition of drugs and is concerned with linking medical sciences with chemical sciences

How did the science of pharmacology arise?

It is natural for a person to search for sources of healing from diseases and ailments. It began with herbal treatment and developed through the ages until it was associated with chemistry..
The beginning of pharmacy dates back to the beginning of the twelfth century,
In addition to the association of pharmacy with other sciences such as biology in general and human medicine in particular, pharmacy is an integral part of human medicine.

Some of the interesting questions that a student might have about pharmacy are:

There are many reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Recognitions of Turkish universities globally, in addition to their dealings with European Union universities, which makes the student’s certificate recognized in any country, whether Arab or European.
  • Tuition costs are low compared to other countries and the quality of education
  • Turkish universities provide medical laboratories at a very high level of development
  • Availability of the latest technological equipment needed by the student in practical exercises
  • Strong practical training due to the presence of a private hospital for each university
  • The professors in the theoretical lectures are at a very high academic level
  • The study of this major is available in both English and Turkish

Major Tuition Fees

Private University

The best Turkish universities that study pharmacy :

Duration of studying pharmacy and how the years are divided:

In most countries, it is 5 academic years divided into:

It is divided into :
A year in which the student studies an additional subject, and he must pass it. This year also includes the basics of terminology related to pharmacy, and prepares the student to practice the profession in a practical way. Therefore, it is considered a preparatory year.

As for the last year, it is considered the year of excellence, and in it the student is trained more practically in order to be able to engage in the labor market

Subjects taught in the pharmacy

Note: Most of this subjects have theoretical and practical courses

Registration Requirements: