Turkey is one of the most important destinations for students wishing to study in universities due to the presence of a wide variety of universities specialized in important academic fields, which are of a prestigious international classification, in addition to low tuition and living expenses compared to the high quality of education. Turkish society is also characterized by Islamic culture mixed with European character due to Turkey's geographical location. It is between the continents of Asia and Europe, so its culture does not differ much from our Arab countries and our culture, and thus the student finds it easy to integrate and live in it. The day begins in Turkey at seven in the morning, with employees and workers going to their work and students to their schools and universities, where transportation begins. When everyone arrives at his work, everyone takes breakfast or coffee in order to renew their activity from the trouble of transportation. The favorite breakfast for the Turks is pastries such as simit or ponds, as well as ready-made sandwiches. Turks also drink tea besides breakfast, and tea is considered one of the sacred and beloved things of the Turkish people, as They excel in preparing it so that it tastes great.

After finishing breakfast, everyone begins his work until twelve thirty. Here, the afternoon break begins and continues until one thirty, which is the lunch period. The university provides lunches containing all the nutrients needed at a nominal price compared to the prices of external restaurants. The student can pay by filling out the university card. After the end of the lunch period at 1:30, the staff and students return to their work and complete their day until 6:00, and this usually does not exceed this hour. After the end of the student's working hours, he can go to the library of the university to finish his university duties and studies Each university provides its own library on campus that helps the student to finish his university homework and study. These libraries provide a quiet atmosphere that helps study and focus. The state also provides public libraries that provide students with a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Transportation stops working at eleven o'clock at night, so make sure, dear student, that you are at your home before this late night time. The official holiday in Turkey is on Saturday and Sunday. He can go out with his friends and visit the tourist and archaeological sites in the city. He can also entertain himself by going to shopping centers, restaurants, or parks and public gardens that do not require any financial amount to enter or register in a sports club to increase fitness. Physical activity and revitalization of the body after fatigue, exhaustion and preoccupation with university matters.

Turkish Government Support For The Student

Let’s not forget that the Turkish government provides a lot of support to the student to make his academic years stable and easy, and government support is represented in several things such as:

Student Accommodation

The presence of many governmental, private and endowment housing that the student chooses according to what is commensurate with his budget and desires.

Entertainment Venues

Where the fees imposed on cinema tickets and entry to tourist places, archaeological museums, zoos and amusement parks are reduced, which are much lower than the fees imposed on the rest of the people, except that public parks are many, numerous and free.

Study Libraries

The Turkish government provides many public and private libraries of the university, which are equipped with all the student's needs, including references, books, and a quiet atmosphere that helps students to complete their academic tasks. One of the most famous and largest libraries is a library in Yazid, located in Istanbul, which receives students 24 hours a day.

Meal Discounts

Some restaurants contribute to reducing the prices of meals for students, and the student is satisfied with showing the student card allocated to him by the university in order to reduce the prices for him. There is also a building in the universities to serve meals at the time of the afternoon break, at a very low and symbolic price compared to the prices of restaurants in the city. A meal of good quality and comprehensive food is provided for all the nutrients that the student needs.

Transportation Card

The Turkish government allocates a transportation card for students, and the value of what the student pays when using the card is half the value of the regular card that the rest of the people receive, as the student obtains it after completing his registration at the university or Turkish language institute, and the student can fill in his own card from a machine dedicated to filling out a card Transportation is next to transportation stations, and it is present in abundance in all places. Transportation prices may vary according to the type of transportation (Metrobus - Bus - Dolmus - Tram - Metro) and also differ from one city to another. Or the student can subscribe to a monthly package in exchange for using the card 200 times with different transportation per month.

Health Insurance and Medical Services

On campus, there are medical centers for personal and health consultations free of charge. There is also a doctor accompanied by a nurse who is always ready to provide medical services or first aid that the student needs. Foreign students must obtain health insurance through which they can pay only 20% of the price of the medicine by going to the local medical centers with the student’s ID, residence permit and passport.