Altınbaş University

Altınbaş University was established in 2008 and was previously called “Kemerburgaz University” until a change The name to become (University of Altınbaş)

Altınbaş University is considered one of the most important Turkish universities and the most attractive to students due to its accreditation International recognition and their provision by the student exchange system with European Union universities

Advantages of studying at Altinbas University:

  • Altinbas University is distinguished by the extraordinary diversity of its specializations, as it includes 9 faculties with programs and Numerous courses in addition to the vocational institutes for the diploma program.
  • Altinbaş University works to update its curricula every year in order for the students to receive the latest knowledge, and this makes its curricula more powerful.
  • The university is equipped with a robust infrastructure, and this is evident in the urban construction of university campuses Classrooms, and halls equipped with the latest technology.
  • The university is interested in supporting the social aspect of the student’s personality, as this helps him to develop His personal skills and abilities to create a social atmosphere among students through student clubs Cultural activities and volunteer work
  • The university has given a clear interest in the sports side of the student’s life, as it includes many Sports clubs that encourage students to participate in tournaments and sports activities. organized by the university
  • The university is also interested in the psychological aspect of the student, as there are psychological support and counseling centers.
  • The university provides training centers and prepares graduates for the labor market to prepare students for a new stage Learn the steps for choosing the right job
  • The university allows the dual major system for outstanding students at the expense of the university.

University Fees

The location of Altinbas University

  • Altınbaş University is located in European Istanbul and is distributed over 3 campuses, and this is what distinguishes it as it is based

    The university has its campus separation system in terms of majors, Where it is distributed as follows:

    • The main campus in the Bagclar region, specifically the Mahmud Bey neighborhood, in which engineering majors are available at all levels, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.
    • The campus of medical specialties in Bakirkoy, directly at the Metrobus station, is considered one of the most vital areas in addition to the presence of a university hospital.
    • Campus of administrative disciplines in Gayrettepe

    Certainly, sorting majors in this way makes the campus more organized in terms of structure.

    Infrastructure and techniques used in practical exercises at all levels.

University dormitories of Altinbaş University

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

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