Ankara Lokman Hekim University

Lokman Hakim University is considered one of the modern universities, as it was established in 2018 and has operated for these years.

The short course has one goal: to graduate its students as productive individuals in society who can innovate in different fields of their specialties

University Fees

Where is Lokman Hekim University located

Lokman Hekim University is located in the middle of the capital (Ankara).

It includes many colleges, including the College of Human Medicine and Dentistry, and the Colleges of Health Sciences and Pharmacy.

In addition to several postgraduate programs, as well as the presence of 12 centers for applications and scientific research.

Hospitals and laboratories of Lokman Hekim University

  • Van Hospital
  • Life Hospital
  • Lokman Hekim University Hospital
  • Akai Hospital
  • Erbil Imaging Hospital
  • Laho Ankara Hospital
  • ETLIK Hospital

Advantages of studying at Lokman Hekim University:

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

Registration Requirements: