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Students at Atlas Private University in Istanbul Turkey enjoy numerous benefits that attract them to this prestigious campus. One of the most prominent features is the presence of an undergraduate program with a strong focus on all disciplines, which allows students to specialize in one or more areas of study.

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MajorLanguageTuition Fees
Nutrition And DieteticsEnglish$3.150
Language And Speech TherapyEnglish$3.150
Computer EngineeringEnglish$3.150
English Language And LiteratureEnglish$3.150
Translation And InterpretingEnglish$3.150

Students at Atlas Private University in Turkey – University offer undergraduate programs that prepare students for careers in teaching, research, international relations, law, medicine, business, and other fields. The University’s undergraduate program also allows students to choose a major or minor from a wide selection of interdisciplinary fields, including medicine, business, arts, humanities, and even computer science. The program provides students with internship opportunities and professional development opportunities as they pursue degrees in Turkey. This international student body provides opportunities for students to gain the first-class experience in academic environments abroad and prepare themselves for successful careers back in the United States and Europe.

Atlas Students will have access to one of the most comprehensive Libraries in the world. There are institutions of higher learning that offer courses that are similar to those at any of America’s four major universities. Atlas Students also enjoy the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops on a regular basis as well as taking part in campus visits and cultural events. In addition to courses and seminars, students will live in a country that boasts an active and lively community spirit.

Hamidiye, Anadolu Cd. no:40, 34408, 34403 Kâğıthane, Istanbul, Turkey

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Stories & Reviews

Image First I had some concerns about studying abroad, but my dedicated consultant answered all my questions and helped me expect the experience, and many of my expectations were true.
Ahmad Khatib
Altınbaş University Student
Image I always wanted to study Medicine and become a doctor. I tried to apply to a university in my country but I failed for a lot of reasons. Then I searched Google and found that Medipol University can offer me great learning tools and facilities. I'm so happy to be able to live my dream everyday.
Laura Asfor
Istanbul Medipol University Medicine Student
Image My parents wanted me to become a Dentist since I was a child. My father is a Dentist actually. And he was concerned about what is it like to study in Turkey. So we've made a lot of research before we decide to study at Okan University. Also, my education consultant helped me choose Okan university based on my budget and circumstances.
Sarah Mahmoud
Istanbul Okan University Student
Image Everyone is speaking English around me from the staff to the Turkish students, and they're really helpful. It was very easy for me to make new friends and get to know the local culture.
Momena Ayesha
Istanbul Gelişim University Pharmacy Student