Aydin University

Aydin University is located in European Istanbul: Florya has been considered one of the most vital areas and its most essential features for the student are its proximity to transportation, malls, many shops, and residential complexes.

The beginning of Aydin University, Aydin University was established in 2007 and has received recognition in most Arab countries and the European Union, in addition to the presence of the Erasmus system in it, means that it provides a method of student exchange with the European Union universities.

Aydin University strives for universality, as it is about to be one of the 5 most essential universities in Turkey and the 500 most important universities worldwide.

Impression of the university

If we asked any student, what was your first impression when you enter Aydin University in one word?

Most of the answers were by expressing the word (amazing). and the reason behind this description is the university’s atmosphere and the activities that take place daily on campus. Its campus is characterized by an interactive environment full of activities.

University Fees

Aydin University Features

  • Aydin University has 3 campuses in Istanbul
  • It has about 39,000 students, including about 4,000 international students
  • It has about 1500 faculty members
  • The university cooperates with nearly 450 international universities
  • The university offers 63 bachelor’s programs, 74 master’s programs, and 17 doctoral programs
  • It includes 11 colleges and 3 vocational schools
  • The university provides 21 laboratories for medical sciences and includes 30 centers for scientific research
  • Availability of about 55 student clubs
  • The university owns the most essential technological laboratories in Turkey
  • Owns a dental hospital and an oral health center

Aydin university accreditations:

  • ADEE accreditation for teaching dental sciences was obtained by the university in 2018, and this accreditation qualifies university graduates to work in any country of the European Union
  • MUDEK accreditation is the accreditation for teaching engineering and technology
  • FEDEK accreditation, which is the accreditation of teaching majors in arts, history, geography, and health programs
  • EPDAD accreditation, which is the accreditation of teaching and education sciences, which belongs to the EPDAD organization, which provides standards that qualify the exit of teachers at the highest scientific and educational level.


CWUR Ranking

World Rank: 1515
National Rank: 35
Research Performance Rank: 1447

QS World University Rankings 2023

Istanbul Aydin University
It is ranked #1001-1200

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

Arabic Language

Russian Language

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