Bahçeşehir University

Bahçeşehir University is one of the strongest universities in Turkey and Istanbul in particular, based on its local and international ranking and its clear activity in its movement towards the top. Bahçeşehir University is the only university in Istanbul that has expanded internationally in terms of its international branches, such as the Toronto branch in Canada, the Washington DC branch in the United States of America, the Berlin branch in Germany, and other international branches, and this is an opportunity that Bahçeşehir University provides to its students To take advantage of the university’s advantages and participate in the summer programs for training and studying in one of its international branches.

The University Mission

The university also features professor and student exchange programs with many universities around the world, including New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Yokogawa University, Technical University of Berlin, and MIT. The university also received the United Nations Award for Higher Education in recognition of its efforts in the field of higher education and cooperation with the labor market, graduating students with expertise and professional competence.

The ultimate goal of the university is the summit, and this is the most important goal of the university since the beginning of its establishment in 1998. The university has 7 campuses in Istanbul.

The way to reach the main campus is easy and enjoyable because of its geographical location in the heart of European Istanbul. The university provides students on the Asian side of Istanbul with university transportation. Transportation is one of the most important features that must be provided to the student. Bahçeşehir University owns 4 marine transport yachts and 10 university buses from different regions for road transport.

University Fees

Bahcesehir University in numbers

  • There are 11 colleges
  • 1 Conservatory
  • 1 Vocational School
  • 1 language school
  • 12 Postgraduate Programs 
  • 204 programs in our university
  • 2,330 brand collaborations 
  • 175 training courses 
  • 10 EDR (Skills and Talent Program Certificate)
  • Number of undergraduate students – 19,595
  • There are 7 campuses in Istanbul.
  • 92 International Universities for Student Exchange Program-Bahçeşehir University is ranked fifth among Turkey’s universities in the Young Universities Ranking for the year 2022.

Activities and Programs at Bahcesehir University:

Entrepreneurship Program at Bahçeşehir University in cooperation with Harvard University for Entrepreneurs Program.

Participation of Bahçeşehir University in the Cannes Film Festival for Short Films.

An annual meeting for university graduates at the invitation of the university in one of its international branches.

The university’s participation in international activities and its selection of elite students participating in international activities.

The cooperation between BAU and HUAWEI has expanded further in the cloud service.

Conducting research and development activities for the purpose of creating, protecting and disseminating information and research that contribute to the improvement of. social living standards.

Continuous improvement of the quality of teaching, research and development processes.

Giving students the opportunity to shape their educational and life experiences.

Assisting graduates through the Alumni Office, which provides training courses and seminars for graduates.

International and Local Bahçeşehir University Ranking:

International 1769

Continental Ranking 43

Ranking in terms of education 1162

Ranking in terms of scientific research 747

Ranking among young universities 300

Ranking in terms of quality of the learning environment 400

World University Ranking 800

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

Registration Requirements: