Gelişim University

Istanbul Gelişim University is located on the European side of Istanbul and enjoys a very vital location in the Avcilar district, which is the midpoint to the most essential and fastest means of transportation in Istanbul and is called (Metrobus).

Which connects European Istanbul with Asian Istanbul.

Istanbul Gelişim University was established in 2008 and has received many Arab and European recognitions. Based on that

 It provides its students with the Erasmus system, which allows the outstanding student to obtain a scholarship.

Studies for some European countries, meaning that the university provides a student exchange system with the universities of the Union European.

The future of Istanbul Gelişim University

Istanbul Gelişim University is heading toward globalization with its strong cadres, continuous development, and always striving to support its students at all levels

University Fees

Research centers provided by the university:

  • Center for the application of scientific research and research projects Entrepreneurship Research
  • Application Center.
  • Center for Computer Technologies and Robotic Research.
  • Life Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Applications Center.
  • Cultural and Terrestrial Environment Research Center.
  • Oral and dental health center.

Laboratories and workshops at Istanbul Gelişim University:

  • Painting workshops
  • sewing workshops
  • Textile workshops
  • Advertising workshops
  • Drama and child development workshops
  • Aircraft systems workshops
  • Aircraft engine workshops
  • Photography and video workshops
  • Culinary art kitchen workshops

Laboratories at Istanbul Gelişim University

  • Anesthesia Techniques Lab
  • Anatomy lab
  • Oral and dental health laboratory
  • Occupational therapy lab
  • Nursing Lab
  • computer lab
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Laboratory
  • Civil engineering lab
  • Mechanical Laboratory (Construction Aircraft)

Advantages of registering with us at Istanbul Gelişim University:

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

Registration Requirements: