Halic University

Halic University was founded in November 1998 by the Children of Leukemia Stop

Over more than twenty years, the university has been able to develop its capabilities and technologies to the highest levels of efficiency.

In addition to selecting a group of academics and specialists in the teaching process.

As the university rose over the twenty years to become one of the best Turkish universities

Where is Haliç University located

Haliç University is located in European Istanbul, in a vital location in the Golden Horn in the (Beyoglu) region.

University Fees

Haliç University has two campuses

The main campus in the Sutluce neighborhood is located in the (Beyoglu) region and includes the most important colleges, such as the College Human medicine, nursing, engineering, and business administration faculties, in addition to the Faculty of Fine Arts and Literature Besides a conservatory and a vocational school

The second campus, is the LEVENT campus which houses a high school of physical education

Halic University Accreditation

Halic University has obtained many accreditations in addition to the accreditation of the Turkish Yuk, including:

  • VEDED accreditation to teach veterinary medicine
  • DEPAD accreditation for teaching dentistry
  • TEPDAD accreditation to ensure the quality of human medicine specialization
  • HEPDAK accreditation for teaching nursing
  • MUDEK accreditation for teaching engineering majors
  • ECZAKDER accreditation to teach pharmacology
  • STAR accreditation for teaching humanities and social sciences
  • TAPLAK accreditation for teaching urban planning
  • ZIDEK accreditation to ensure the quality of teaching agricultural sciences
  • MIAK accreditation to ensure the quality of teaching, engineering, and architectural design programs
  • FEDEK accreditation for teaching literature, history, and languages
  • ILEDAK accreditation for teaching communications science

Advantages of studying at Haliç University

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

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