Isik University

Işık University was established in 1996 by the Fayez Schools Association, which is considered one of the oldest and most famous cultural institutions in Turkey, and one of its most important principles is practical knowledge ..

As Işık University followed this approach through the years of its development, it gave a clear interest in the practical applications of scientific research at all levels.

Where is Işık University located

şık University is located in a green area called (Sheila), which is a suburb of Istanbul overlooking the Black Sea. Işık University is distinguished for being far from the noise of cities, and the university’s location enjoys the charming green nature.

University Fees

Campuses of Işık University

Işık University has two campuses

The main campus is the Sheila Campus and includes the Colleges of Engineering, Sciences and Arts, the College of Architecture and Economics, in addition to the Sciences of Management and the School of Languages

The second campus is the Maslak campus. It is located in European Istanbul, the Maslak region. It includes postgraduate institutes such as master’s programs and the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Student housing for Işık University

Işık University provides its students with a huge dormitory that includes 15 buildings that can accommodate more than 1,500 students

It’s is characterized by several aspects, the most important of which are

  • The dormitory location is very special due to the university’s existing location in the green Sheila area, as the housing overlooks the Black Sea and a charming nature
  • A warm and cozy atmosphere prevails in the university buildings
  • Buildings designated for males and the other for females
  • There are lounges for guests and for television
  • The presence of cafes, restaurants and sports clubs affiliated to the building
  • 24-hour internet provision
  • Provide heating and hot water during the winter season
  • Providing special rooms for students with special needs
  • Providing single, double, triple and quadruple rooms
  • There is a shared kitchen between the rooms
  • There is a cleaning and ironing service

Research centers of Işık University

  • Management Center Business Water Data Management
  • Optoelectronic Centre
  • Education Technology Centre
  • Center for Innovation Research and Entrepreneurship
  • Distance education center
  • Social Research Center

Işık University Accreditations

  • Işık University has obtained many international accreditations, including:
  • MUDEK accreditation is an accreditation to ensure the quality of teaching engineering programs
  •  The university obtained the EUR-ACE mark, which means that engineering programs are taught in highest levels
  • EAQUALS accreditation is an accreditation to ensure the quality of language teaching at the highest levels.

Advantages of studying at Işık University

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

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