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Işık University offers a wide selection of graduate and undergraduate programs that can be completed in about two years time. The undergraduate program offers students the option of pursuing their graduate studies either on-campus or online.

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MajorLanguageTuition Fees
Business ManagementTurkish$3.000
Management Information SystemsTurkish$3.000
Interior DesignTurkish$3.000
Visual Communication DesignTurkish$3.000
Visual ArtsTurkish$3.000
Humanities And Social SciencesEnglish$3.000
International Logistics ManagementEnglish$3.000
International RelationsEnglish$3.000
World TradeEnglish$3.000
Management Information SystemsEnglish$3.000
Political ScienceEnglish$3.000
Car EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Biomedical EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Computer EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Electrical And Electronics EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Industrial EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Fashion And Textile DesignTurkish$3.000
Software EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Medical Equipment EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Civil EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Mechatronic EngineeringEnglish$3.850
Interior Architecture And Environmental DesignEnglish$3.850
Film And TelevisionTurkish$3.000
Architectural EngineeringTurkish$3.850
Civil EngineeringTurkish$3.850
Mechanical EngineeringTurkish$3.850
Industrial DesignTurkish$3.850

The Işık University has embraced an innovative and integrated methodology of educating students and preparing them for their careers – resulting in high-quality graduates who have gone on to successful careers in fields as varied as international business, engineering, medicine, and law. The students are assessed on their academic performance each year – and the results are published in the student’s personal Isik portal – which also acts as a study guide for their final year exams.

At Işık Private University, students can pursue a full curriculum – including general studies, business studies, religion and education, English and graphic design, and mathematics – or a part-time or full-time study program. For students opting for an academic program at Işık University, the process of enrollment is divided into three main steps – admissions, registration, and commencement. Students may apply for Işık private scholarships as well – through the university’s Financial Aid Department – and can also request government aid for financially needy students.

Meşrutiyet, Işık Ünv., 34980 Şile, Istanbul, Turkey

University accommodation is a nice place to stay during your university days while you’re studying. The top universities do not only offer a comfortable place to sleep, they also offer study spaces and amenities that allow you to concentrate on academics rather than all the usual stresses of life. Contact Us to learn about accommodation.

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Stories & Reviews

Image First I had some concerns about studying abroad, but my dedicated consultant answered all my questions and helped me expect the experience, and many of my expectations were true.
Ahmad Khatib
Altınbaş University Student
Image I always wanted to study Medicine and become a doctor. I tried to apply to a university in my country but I failed for a lot of reasons. Then I searched Google and found that Medipol University can offer me great learning tools and facilities. I'm so happy to be able to live my dream everyday.
Laura Asfor
Istanbul Medipol University Medicine Student
Image My parents wanted me to become a Dentist since I was a child. My father is a Dentist actually. And he was concerned about what is it like to study in Turkey. So we've made a lot of research before we decide to study at Okan University. Also, my education consultant helped me choose Okan university based on my budget and circumstances.
Sarah Mahmoud
Istanbul Okan University Student
Image Everyone is speaking English around me from the staff to the Turkish students, and they're really helpful. It was very easy for me to make new friends and get to know the local culture.
Momena Ayesha
Istanbul Gelişim University Pharmacy Student