Istanbul Atlas University

Atlas University was established in 2018 and received its first student class in 2020.

Atlas University is considered one of the modern universities, but it quickly became trendy due to its staff and distinguished academic and modern technologies.

The University of Atlas adopted the blue butterfly as its logo to draw attention to the butterfly’s small age and impact.

Significant and distinctive when one approaches it.

Where is Atlas University located​

Atlas University is located in the Kagithane district of European Istanbul and is considered one of the vital areas due to its proximity to the most important tourism areas, such as Taksim and Maslak ..

Atlas University has a single campus to this day, its campus is distinguished by its large area and terrible technologies in terms of modernity.

The campus includes 22 university majors and institutes for postgraduate studies, in addition to a number of master’s and doctoral programs

University Fees

Atlas University Accreditations

Atlas University has received many accreditations from the Turkish government, the most important of which are:

  • Approval of the Strategic Plan Committee: This recognition is granted to the university after examining the strategic vision for the future of the university and the studies related to that, then the university is evaluated by this committee and obtained Its Accreditation.
  • yokak Accreditation: It is a national and international accreditation organization that monitors the progress of the university’s strategy and its compatibility with the university’s strategy Higher education strategy in Turkey
  • Accreditation of the Quality Authority
  • Accreditation in the European Union

Atlas University Hospitals

  • Dental College Hospital: It is considered one of the most important hospitals because of the modern technologies in it, where dental treatments are provided and It is carried out in all its forms by a highly qualified medical staff, in addition to medical equipment and cutting edge devices, On the other hand, students are trained clinically through specially equipped training rooms where the student can practice the practical life of a doctor with the latest technologies, from the first moments of university training.
  • Atlas University Hospital: It is considered one of the largest health institutions in addition to being a training center, In addition to its large area, it includes 400 beds and 18 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology, and 10 university classrooms.

Atlas University Laboratories

  • Food engineering laboratory
  • Nursing Laboratory
  • Chemistry lab
  • Histology Laboratory
  • First aid laboratory
  • Physiology Laboratory
  • Laboratory for teaching individuals and people with special needs
  • Anatomy lab

Vocational school laboratories

  • Anatomy lab
  • Embryology laboratory
  • Physics laboratory
  • Chemistry lab

Advantages of studying at Atlas University

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

Registration Requirements: