Istanbul Kültür University

Kultur University was founded in 1997 by the oldest private educational institution, Kultur Education Foundation.

The university’s primary goal was to graduate individuals who could keep pace with development, civilization, and global competition, All domains.

Where is Kultur University located

Kultur University is located in Istanbul, Europe, and is distributed among 4 university campuses in vital areas of the city, Which are:

It is the main campus and is distinguished by its proximity to Ataturk Airport and includes engineering disciplines And the College of Arts and Sciences, in addition to the Institute of Graduate Studies and administrative offices

It includes vocational schools

It includes the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Languages, and the Faculty of Health Sciences

It is the newest campus, which was opened in 2018 and includes the Faculty of Science, Administration, education, and economics

University Fees

Kultur University Accreditations:

Over the years, Kultur University has obtained many local and international accreditations, namely:

  • Local accreditations:
    • MUDEK accreditation is accreditation for engineering colleges
    • FEDEK accreditation, which is an accreditation for the Faculty of Science
    • Accreditation of the College of Architecture Evaluation Association
    • YOKAK accreditation for the external evaluation of English preparatory schools
  • International accreditations:
    • European Union accreditation
    • Pearson accreditations

Advantages of studying at Kulture University

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

Registration Requirements: