Istanbul Okan University

Okan University was established in 1999 by the OKAN Cultural Foundation, and it’s one of the largest universities in terms of development and area.

Okan University is heading to the world due to the continuous development of its curricula in addition to its contribution In the development and reform of society by providing education of the highest standards.

Where is Okan University located

Okan University is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, in the Tuzla region.

It includes 3 university campuses. The university’s urban building is characterized by civilization and sophistication.

University Fees

The campuses of Okan University:

It is the main campus and is characterized by its large area, distinctive urban engineering, and its proximity to Sabiha Airport includes a number of laboratories and most of the colleges, including the College of Human Medicine and Dentistry. In addition to the dental hospital and a huge library

It includes the Department of Higher Institute, Aviation Programs in Vocational Schools, and music Institute

It includes the faculties of postgraduate studies

Okan Universities Partnerships

We mentioned earlier that the employment rate of Okan University graduates exceeded 80%, due to the strength of the teaching level in the university, The university and its degree accreditations globally, in addition to the many university partnerships, as Okan University is considered a bridge Between the academic side and the business world.

Here are some of the university's partnerships

Okan University Hospitals and Research Centers

  • Dental Hospital at Okan University (Tuzla)
  • Dental Hospital in Okan University (Mecidiyekoy)
  • Okan University Hospital
  • Acıbadem Clinics Complex
  • Eurasia Center for Applications and Research
  • Innovative Design Center
  • Hospital practice and application of dentistry
  • Transportation Technologies Application Center and Smart Car Systems

Okan University Dormitory

We mentioned above that Okan University is distinguished by its large area.

In view of this, the university is considered a university city in itself, as it provides comfortable and quiet student housing. In addition to Its housing provides the student with all means of daily activities in the student’s life, such as restaurants, cafes, and libraries. Sports clubs and many other activities.

Aspects that characterize university Dormitory

  •  There is a building for males and a building for females
  • Full preservation of the moral character
  • Internet is available 24 hours a day
  • Availability of hot water and heating in the winter
  • Providing cleaning and ironing services

Advantages of Okan University

Teaching Languages

Turkish Langauge

English Language

Chinese Language

Russian Language

Arabic Language

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