Istanbul Topkapi University

Topkapi University, formerly known as Ivansaray University, was founded in 2016 by the Foundation

Aflatoun, where the Aflatoun Vocational School was transformed into one of the university’s many colleges.

Then, in 2022, the name of the university was changed from Ivansaray University to Topkapi University

University Fees

Campuses of Topkapi University

Topkapi University faculties are distributed on 4 campuses in different regions of Istanbul, namely.

  • The campus of the Balat region in the Golden Horn, which is the main campus
  • The campus of the Kazlıcaşme area, which is called the Green Campus because it is within a green natural area, Its location is very special and historical, as it includes multiple cultures dating back more than 300 years.
  • Yenibosna District Campus
  • Sisli campus

Research centers at Topkapi University

  • Women and Family Studies Research Center
  • Distance Education Research Center
  • Immigration Policy Research Center

Advantages of studying at Topkapi University

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

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