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Medipol University is one of the universities whose name comes to our minds as soon as medical majors are mentioned. Because the university gives a lot of attention to the medical field, which is the main reason for its existence, as it was established in 2009 as a medical research university. Several hospitals affiliated with Istanbul Medipol University have been established, characterized by a very high level of development and modernity. And then after that, the university included many engineering colleges.

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Where is Medipol University located?

The site of Medipol University is characterized by being surrounded by a distinctive cultural heritage, as it is considered a link between the ancient heritage, And civilization by meeting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, where the university has two campuses, the first In the Kavacik region in the Asian side of Istanbul, and the second in the halic area in the European side of Istanbul.

It includes medical ( medicine and dentistry)  programs, engineering, pharmacy, social sciences, literature, and arts majors.

It includes nursing, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and the nutrition department.

The two campuses are characterized by spacious halls equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, in addition to attention.

It is evident in the entertainment aspect, as there are tennis and basketball courts, as well as cinema and theater And photography studios

The future of the university

The university seeks to become the first leading university in the field of science and to be primarily responsible for Teaching students the science and technology necessary to develop themselves and their communities.

Medipol University Accreditations

Medipol University has obtained many recognitions from both Arab and European countries, and a lot of recognition. Global, including

It is an international accreditation for the study of pharmaceutical sciences.

It is a European accreditation that aims to improve the quality of education in several fields such as economics, Administration and law

It is a source of pride for the university to be accredited for quality assurance teaching of health sciences and nursing.

It is accredited to ensure the quality of education in areas of health care such as physical therapy and rehabilitation.

It is the recognition of the British Institute for ensuring the quality of teaching foreign languages in Medipol Language Schools

It is accredited to ensure the quality of education in the specialty of orthopedics and traumatology.

It is an accreditation obtained by Medipol University Hospital in 2008

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