Nişantaşı University

Nisantasi University was established in 2009 by the Nisantasi Educational and Cultural Foundation to provide students with strong academic skills for professional development, relying on scientific thinking and keeping abreast of digital technologies. With its well-trained students and faculty, this university can represent Turkey on the international stage. The Academy also provides opportunities for students to learn about themselves, understand their dreams, set goals, and overcome obstacles in the process of achieving them.

Campus of the University

Nisantasi University has a modern campus located in Maslak. The university includes about 200 smart classrooms with high-quality technologies, 124 laboratories and laboratories, and many restaurants and cafeterias.

The university offers the latest technology in classrooms, laboratories, laboratories, administrative and academic offices, modern meeting rooms, an electronic library, and a cafeteria for staff and students to socialize. In addition, there are galleries for the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Art and Design; television and radio studios, and laboratories for the departments of gastronomy.

University Fees

The goal of Nisantasi University

Adopting an open educational model for international collaboration, embracing the latest technological developments, supporting research and development; developing innovative products, educating students about the value of entrepreneurship, and companies that can move to digital platforms. It focuses on model prioritization. The vision of Nisantasi University is also based on using digital technology to train a generation to meet the needs of the world of technology, modern technology, and artificial intelligence so that they can play an important role in their future career.

Why Nişantaşı University?

This principle in education depends on the dynamics of today and the future in addition to personal education. And project-based education, and projects and the combination of technology and education

By providing an environment in which they can develop their curiosity and creativity, Future thinking educates creative individuals to open up today to the future to come.

Regardless of the grade point averages of Nişantaşı University students, their scholarship is uninterrupted. Our students benefit from scholarship opportunities until graduation.

Undergraduate students complete their theory courses in 7 semesters and associate degree students in 3 semesters.

All Nişantaşı University students work in the industry with professional practice classes in the last semester, graduate with practical experience, and take the first step in their career ready for the business world.

In addition to undergraduate programs, our university offers its students the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a second branch or study in a minor program. If Nişantaşı University undergraduate students fulfill the necessary conditions, they can benefit from the right to receive free education by applying to the “double major” programs of their departments.

Advantages of studying at Nisantasi University:

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