OSTIM Technical University

Ostim University was founded in 2017 by Ostim Industrial Corporation.

Ostim University is included in the industrial universities, as it is a living example of linking academic study And industry, in addition to considering the university among the universities of the third generation due to its application to the study academically and Practically.

University Fees

Where is Ostim University located

Ostim University is located in the center of the capital, Ankara, and is considered within an industrial city, as its campus is surrounded by more than 6,000 companies operating in various fields, the campus includes all training facilities, including laboratories and laboratories and a library in addition to recreational facilities such as playgrounds, restaurants, and gyms.

Ostim University Accreditations

  • Ostim University obtained accreditation from the Turkish YOK (Ministry of Higher Education)
  • MUDEK accreditation, which is accreditation for examining the quality of teaching engineering disciplines
  • Accreditation of the Turkish Universities Council
  • ABET International Accreditation for Engineering and Technology for the United States of America

Research centers at Ostim University

  • Entrepreneurship Research Application Center
  • Industrial Policy Research Center
  • Development Research Center

Advantages of studying at Ostim University

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

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