Istinye University

Istinye University is one of the leading universities in the field of education and one of the best,Based on its prestigious and modern educational level.

Istinye university has an ambitious and lofty goal in the field of education and scientific development.

Its international ranking is constantly increasing, and its accreditation from all over the world is successful.

Information about the University.

The University of Istinye was established in 2015 as an academic educational institution that produces knowledge through scientific research. The University of Istinye is one of the best Turkish universities in Istanbul on the European side; we are constantly modernizing our systems and greatly appreciate the use of the latest technology in teaching and research, the use of flexible teaching methods, and bridge bridging. The gap between academic curricula and the requirements of the business world

Istinye University is distinguished by its medical specialization, in addition to conducting advanced scientific research in this field, it also provides practical, professional training for its students within university hospitals and is one of the three largest medical institutions in Turkey.

University Fees

University Campus

The main campus was established in 2015.

Topkapi Campus: It has an area of 46,000 square meters. Easy access from anywhere in Istanbul. The Topkapi campus features a modern technological infrastructure, which includes: 37 classrooms, 47 laboratories, two conference rooms, a library, and a gymnasium, as well as other sports, social, and cultural activities. The facility also houses the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Pharmacy, and other faculties.

South Campus: includes an indoor gym, recreational space, library, 150-seat auditorium, 15 classrooms, 8 laboratories, aircraft technology workshop, and medical examination room

Founded in 2019,

It is the second campus located in the center of Istanbul in the European section

And in the most prestigious neighborhoods, which provides many advantages for students

Istinye University cooperates with international universities and institutions:

  • Joint search
  • for The exchange between faculty and scholars
  • Develop student exchange programs
  • Exchange of data on academic research and technical projects
  • Organizing academic and scientific activities such as conferences and seminars
  • Cooperation in the field of publishing and various cultural activities

University Ranking and Privileges

Istinye University has taken its place in the ranking along with other famous universities from Turkey such as Boğaziçi, Koç, and Sabancı. Istinye University surpasses the universities of Japan, Finland, and Canada, which top the list of leading countries with the best education system worldwide. Istinye University has become particularly prominent with its education quality standards in the ranking. Istinye University is ranked 3rd among universities from Turkey.

Information about educational staff and education

  • 9 faculties, 2 vocational schools, 3 institutes, and more than 100 departments
  • Two high-tech campuses in the city center
  • The latest technology laboratories, research and development centers, and workshops.
  • Academic solid staff and international educational standards
  • Istinye University operate under the roof of the largest healthcare group in Turkey

Istinye University has contracts with the following Hospitals:

The most important information about the student exchange program (Erasmus):

Teaching Languages

Turkish Language

English Language

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